Top Mosaic Trends for July 2023

Mosaic tiles shown on a kitchen splashback

In this list we take a look at the top mosaic tile syles in 2023 (so far!). Choosing your mosaics can be dificult, so we take a look at a few popular mosaic choices to help you along.

Mosaic tiles shown on a kitchen splashback

Brick Mosaic Tiles

Brick mosaic tiles have been popular for years and still going strong. One of the reasons they are so popular is they make even the simplest mosaic look intresting, thereford brick style is our number one pick for mosaic tile trends.

Showing a bathroom mosaic tile splashback with a glass and stone mosaic.

Mixed Mosaic Tiles

Mixed mosaic tiles mosaic tiles are great to add a variety of styles on to a single surface. Doing this creates a definitive wow factor to any room.

Oriente silver mosaic tile in bathroom setting

Silver Mosaic Tiles

Silver mosaic tiles give a fresh and modern aesthetic to any space. Silver and grey mosaic tiles are the on trend colour for the modern bathroom and kitchen, for this reason we think silver mosaic tiles are the most popular choice when it comes to mosaic tiles.

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